IFBB Pro Tabitha Klausen

IFBB Bikini Pro, Beast Sports Nutrition Athlete, Bodybuilding.com Athlete, Fitness Model & Personal Trainer

My 30 day Trainer consists of a full 30 day progressive and challenging workout/cardio plan, 2 meal plans, and my favorite recipes to achieve your summer body! I've included healthy and delicious recipes so the meal plan doesn't get boring and you don't feel like you are starving, or limiting yourself like a normal "diet". I customize some aspects to fit physical limitations and allergies to make the plan for to your special needs.

Visit my "personal training" tab on this site for pricing for the 30 day workout/nutritional program, or to buy each piece separately.

Payments can be sent to my PayPal, address is tabithaklausen@gmail.com

I do need the following information to develop your customized program. 1) Any food allergies? 2) Any medical conditions? 3) Any foods you refuse to eat? 4) What supplements are you currently taking? 5) How many days/week are you currently training? 6) Injuries or limitations?

I look forward to working with you and seeing your body transform with my 30 Day Trainer for summer! -Tabi

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